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Stygian Sky

In a brutal combination of death, thrash and progressive metal styles, Stygian Sky presents a distinctive mix of dark melodies and crushing riffs in a unique take on heavy music.  

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Stygian Sky released their debut EP in late 2008. In the time that followed, they presented new material and played several live shows before placing the band on-hold in the fall of 2012.

In 2018, Stygian Sky announced its return with the release of their single “Dreaming The State Of Reality”. They continue to work on new material with plans to debut a crushing live experience in Spring 2019.

Cliff Gouthro (Vocals) | Craig Joyce (Drums) | Colin Capstick (Guitar)

Pat Fitzgerald (Guitar) | David Grant (Bass) | Jason Burke (Guitar)


dreaming the state of reality


Now available for streaming/download.